Occupiers aggravated charges against detained Crimean Tatar leader Nariman Dzhelal

Crimean Tatars
Canan Sarıtepe
27 September 2021, 14:54
Canan Sarıtepe
27 September 2021, 14:54

Occupation authorities in Crimea aggravated the charges against Crimean Tatar leader Nariman Dzhelal, who was illegally detained by the Russian Federal Security Service (FSB) after the raid in his home earlier this month.

The First Deputy chairman of the Mejlis of the Crimean Tatar People Nariman Dzhelal was initially accused of complicity in committing the alleged sabotage of a gas pipeline in Crimea. However, his lawyer Nikolay Polozov said on September 23 that he was later reclassified as a "full participant" in the alleged plot.

Nikolay Polozov

The Crimean Tatar politician is now accused of "committing sabotage as part of an organized group, as well as the illegal acquisition or storage of explosives."


As reported, The Russian FSB (federal security service) carried out a new wave of armed searches in occupied Crimea on September 3-4, with the five Crimean Tatars taken away in cars without number plates including Nariman Dzhelal, First Deputy Head of the Mejlis of the Crimean Tatar people, Eldar Odamanov, Aziz Akhmetov, Asan Akhmetov and Shevket Useinov.

Nariman Dzhelal

Ukraine's First Deputy Foreign Minister Emine Dzheppar said that Russia's activities are revenge for their [Crimean Tatars] participation in the inaugural summit of the Crimea Platform on August 23.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky during his speech at the UN General Assembly called on the international community to support the release of Nariman Dzhelyal and several hundred Ukrainians who are being unlawfully detained in the temporarily occupied territories of Ukraine and in Russia.