15 Crimean Tatars were transferred to Crimea from Rostov detention centers. They were brought for “identification by a classified witness”

Марина ПищулинаQHA media
23 September 2019, 15:38
Марина ПищулинаQHA media
23 September 2019, 15:38

Fifteen Crimean Tatars accused in the Hizb ut-Tahrir case, detained in March this year (the “second Simferopol group”), were transferred from the pre-trial detention center in the Rostov region of Russia to the illegally annexed Crimea.

Such information came from the law office of Emil Kurbedinov with reference to the lawyers working in this case, Crimean Solidarity reports.

During the investigative actions, the accused will be identified by the so-called "secret witness".

Upon completion of the investigative experiments, everyone will be taken back to Rostov-on-Don.

The law office noted that investigative measures are being carried out by the FSB in respect of the following persons:

Rustem Sheikhaliev, Izzet Abdullaev, Seytveli Seytabdiev, Akim Bekirov, Alim Karimov, Asan Yanikov, Riza Izetov, Veli Abdulkadyrov, Enver Ametov, Remzi Bekirov, Osman Arifmemetov, Farkhod Bazarov, Tofik Abdulgaziev, Rustem Seitkhalilov and Medzhit Abdurakhmanov.

Note that "classified witnesses" are a very convenient judicial tool for the Russian security forces. It helps to construct the missing evidence in a criminal case.

QHA media reported that, on March 27-28, the FSB raided several regions of Crimea and the Rostov region of Russia, during which 23 Crimean Tatars were detained, accused of organizing or participating in the Hizb ut-Tahrir party banned in Russia. The next day, the Kiev District Court of Simferopol arrested the detainees.

All 23 Crimean Tartars are associated with the so-called “Second Simferopol Group” in the Hizb ut-Tahrir case from. By the decision of Russian law enforcement officers, they were transferred to Rostov-on-Don, where they were placed in five different pre-trial detention centers.

The defendants in the “Hizb ut-Tahrir affairs” are charged with “organizing or participating in a terrorist cell”, the punishment for this includes up to life imprisonment for “organizing” and up to 20 years for “participating”.