Glossary of Islamic concepts in Ukrainian was published after eight years of work

Canan Kevser
16 June 2021, 13:28
Canan Kevser
16 June 2021, 13:28

The first Ukrainian Glossary of Islamic concepts was recently published in Ukraine. Four authors, two of whom Muslims, had been preparing the encyclopedia since 2013. 

According to the Ukrainian State Service for Ethnopolitics and Freedom of Conscience (DESS), the Glossary of Islam is the first encyclopedic work in the Ukrainian language and contains most of the basic concepts and terms of the Islamic religion.

The authors of the encyclopedia -- Said Ismailov, Igor Kozlovsky, Ruslan Khalikov and Mikhail Yakubovic -- said they have tried to preserve the versatility of the work by presenting a variety of views on subjects.

The glossary addresses wide range of experts

Promotion of the glossary made at Kyiv Islamic Cultural center with a presentation. During the presentation, it was noted that the dictionary addresses a wide range of experts such as religious scholars, historians, philosophers, orientalists, political scientists, as well as anyone interested in Islam with over 1000 articles in total.

According to the authors, the book also contains information about the history of Islam, its origin and trends, as well as biographies of prominent scientists and persons of the Muslim world, and background of various historical events.

The first 150 copies were distributed to experts

The co-authors of the book distributed limited publication for experts with 150 copies at the first stage.

During the presentation, the authors announced that the glossary would be available for readers during the 10th International Arsenal Book Fair 2021, scheduled for 23-27 June 2021, and an additional edition of the publication is planned to be published until then.