Ukraine expects the UN to join Crimea Platform

Crimean Tatars
Canan Kevser
25 October 2021, 16:33
Canan Kevser
25 October 2021, 16:33

Ukraine, as one of the founding members of the United Nations, reaffirms its commitment to the principles of the modern world order laid down in the provisions of the UN Charter, expressing hope for the UN participation in the Crimea Platform.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA) said this in a statement celebrating the 76th anniversary of the United Nations’ foundation. 

"Taking into account, the role of the UN in the de-occupation of Crimea, in particular in the context of UN General Assembly resolutions on Ukraine's territorial integrity, the militarization of Crimea and the protection of human rights in Crimea, Ukraine hopes for UN participation in the Crimean Platform," the report said.

The diplomats indicated that they were counting on further active and constructive approach by the UN leadership to counter Russia's ongoing military aggression against Ukraine.

"It remains an extremely important task to make efforts to reform and improve the UN, strengthen it and adapt it to today's requirements. Ukraine is ready to continue to contribute to the success of this important mission," the statement added.

The ministry noted that Ukraine would continue to pursue a purposeful policy of counteracting the bold attempts of individual states to undermine the world order enshrined in the UN Charter, to impose the logic of aggression and revanchism on the international community, and to rewrite world history.

According to the ministry, UN organizations, in particular the United Nations Development Program (UNDP), continue to play an important role in supporting the course of socio-economic reforms in Ukraine, achieving the Sustainable Development Goals, ensuring the protection of human rights and the rule of law.

"One of the most successful examples of our cooperation is overcoming the humanitarian consequences of Russian aggression. We are ready for further cooperation in this area to meet the needs of the affected civilian population along the line of demarcation and in the temporarily occupied territories," the ministry said.

The report reminded that in order to protect the norms and principles of international law, on August 23, 2021, Ukraine together with 46 states and international and regional organizations launched the Crimean Platform - a new international format aimed at de-occupation of Crimea and counteraction to hybrid aggression by Russia.