Ukraine, Russia deny concentration of Russian troops near Ukrainian border

Canan Sarıtepe
02 November 2021, 17:07
Canan Sarıtepe
02 November 2021, 17:07

Kyiv denies the information spread in the media about the buildup of the Russian armed forces near the Ukrainian border, while Moscow calls it a “low-quality media spin.”

Citing satellite photos, Western media reported on Monday that Russia increased the number of troops and military hardware near the Ukrainian border.

Ukraine constantly monitors situation near borders

"According to the Main Intelligence Directorate of the Defense Ministry of Ukraine, as of November 1, 2021, an additional transfer of Russian units, weapons and military equipment to the state border with Ukraine has not been recorded," press service of Ukrainian Defence Ministry said.

The ministry said the facts of the buildup of Russian troops in the Ukrainian direction, published in the media and on the Internet, are an element of disinformation and psychological actions and planned measures as part of the movement of troops after the completion of the West 2021 Russian-Belarusian exercises.

"The military intelligence of Ukraine constantly monitors the actions of the troops of the aggressor state and changes in their numbers near the state border of Ukraine," it added.

Moscow: Visuals are “low-quality media spin”

Russian president’s Spokesperson Dmitry Peskov claims the movement of Russian military hardware and army units across the country is exclusively an "internal matter."

Speaking with journalists, the Kremlin spox was asked to comment on a recent article by Politico, where satellite images were published of the alleged movement of Russian military hardware near the town of Yelnya, Smolensk region, noting that Russia is amassing its forces near the border with Ukraine (the town is located some 250 km from the Ukrainian border and 100 km from the Belarusian one).

Peskov dismissed the report, stating that "it is not worth wasting time on looking into such low-quality spins."


As reported, The Washington Post published data on the resumption of the movement of Russian troops near the Ukrainian border. The publication says that videos have recently appeared on social networks showing "Russian military trains and convoys moving large quantities of military hardware, including tanks and missiles, in southern and western Russia."

The newspaper also published statements by officials who, on condition of anonymity, reported that the movement of Russian troops was causing concern in the United States and Europe.