Vedzhie Kashka died due to actions of Russian security forces - Lawyer published results of independent examination

Марина ПищулинаQHA media
16 December 2019, 11:12
Марина ПищулинаQHA media
16 December 2019, 11:12

The "investigator of the Ministry of Internal Affairs" continued the investigative actions after Vedzhie Kashka became ill, preventing the doctors from taking her to the intensive care unit. This conclusion of an independent examination was published by lawyer Nikolai Polozov.

The lawyer informed that he had previously ordered an independent medical study involving Russian and Spanish experts, who, based on materials from the preliminary investigation, made an expert opinion.

“According to experts, the rapid deterioration of Vedzhie Kashka’s health and the death occurred are in direct causal connection with the actions of the Russian security forces who carried out her detention,” Polozov wrote.

Vedzhie Kashka

It was established that the "investigator of the Ministry of Internal Affairs," Irina Sidiropulo, who took part in the special operation to detain Vedzhie Kashka, as well as Asan Chapukh, Kazim Ametov, Bekir Degermendzhi and Ruslan Trubach, carried out investigative actions against Vedzhie Kashka even after the veteran of the Crimean Tatar national movement got ill. By her actions, the “investigator” did not allow doctors to take Kashka to intensive care. The doctors didn’t have time to take Vedzhie Kashka to the hospital, and she died right in the ambulance.

“I am convinced that there was a fair chance to save Vedzhie Kashka. But not enough time. Because of these notorious investigative actions, which, of course, could be postponed until later,” lawyer Polozov said.

The lawyer clarified that the expert opinion served as a sufficient basis for lodging a complaint. The complaint was filed against the refusal to institute criminal proceedings on the death of Vedzhie Kashka last year.

Дело Веджие Кашка.Мной подана жалоба в порядке ст. 124 УПК РФ на имя руководителя следственного отдела по Киевскому...

Опубліковано Nikolai Polozov Пʼятниця, 13 грудня 2019 р.

QHA media reported that in November 2017, veteran of the Crimean Tatar national movement Vedzhie Kashka and activists Bekir Degermendzhi, Asan Chapuh and Kazim Ametov came to a cafe in Simferopol to meet with Turkish citizen Yusuf Aytan. Armed officers of the Russian FSB burst into the cafe, disrupting the meeting, and the Crimean Tatars were accused of extorting money from Aytan. As a result of the actions of the security forces, the 83-year-old Kashka became ill. She had a stroke and died.

Currently, four elderly Crimeans are being held in the FSB-fabricated “Vedzhie Kashka case”: 66-year-old Asan Chapukh, 52-year-old Ruslan Trubach, 58-year-old Bekir Degermendzhi and 61-year-old Kazim Ametov. They are accused of extortion. On January 24, 2019, three people involved in the Vedzhie Kashka case were released under house arrest in connection with their state of health. The fourth accused by the Russian authorities, Asan Chapukh, was transferred to house arrest on October 10, 2018.

Asan Chapukh, a person involved in the Crimean case “Vedzhie Kashka,” was diagnosed with cancer. He has stage 4 laryngeal cancer, and has already completed three courses of chemotherapy.

QHA media also reported that on October 29 the so-called “Supreme Court” of the occupied Crimea decided to remove electronic bracelets from the person involved in “Vedzhie Kashka case”.