Washington will continue to sanction entities over violations concerning Nord Stream 2: U.S. Ambassador to Russia

Canan Kevser
01 October 2021, 13:51
Canan Kevser
01 October 2021, 13:51

Washington is continuing to examine a number of companies engaged in the Nord Stream 2 project to assess whether they might be potentially subject to the sanctions legislation of the United States.

John Sullivan, the US Ambassador to Russia, said this in an interview with the Interfax, in response to a question whether Washington will continue to put barriers to the Nord Stream 2 project or whether the US no longer sees it as inevitable.

John Sullivan

"With respect to sanctions, we continue to examine entities potentially engaged in sanctionable behavior. And this is a matter of law in the United States. The administration remains committed, and is obliged, by statute," Sullivan said.

The American diplomat emphasised that the United States would continue to implement the act "Protecting European Energy Security."

"We've sanctioned seven persons related to Nord Stream 2 and identified over 15 vessels, as blocked property. But that's a legal obligation that our Congress has imposed that we will continue to follow," the ambassador said.

He stressed that Washington's stance in opposition to Nord Stream 2 is "well-known."

In December 2018, European Parliament deputies adopted a resolution against the construction of the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline by Russia. 433 parliamentarians voted for the document, 105 against.

In December 2019, the U.S. passed legislation providing for sanctions on a ship involved in building the Nord Stream 2 pipeline. Due to the U.S. sanctions, its construction was suspended.

However, the Russian side, with the consent of the German side, resumed work on its own, using the Fortuna pipe-laying ship. The 1,200 km long gas pipeline worth almost EUR 9.5 billion is 94% completed.

The United States opposes the project, arguing that it will strengthen the Kremlin's grip on the European energy market while undermining Ukraine's security and economy.