"A strike of ten ATACMS will disable the Crimean bridge," Reserve Colonel of the Armed Forces of Ukraine Roman Svitan

Ukrainian News
10 March 2023, 11:22
10 March 2023, 11:22

As early as this spring, the Armed Forces of Ukraine may launch a counteroffensive, and it is quite likely that it will take place in the southern regions, in particular in Crimea, experts assume.

This was stated on Radio NV by reserve colonel of the Armed Forces of Ukraine Roman Svitan.

According to him, the Crimean bridge will definitely be destroyed, because it is the only artery that maintains the Russian army, which will remain after the withdrawal of our troops to the Azov coast.

"The question is "when?". As soon as we have certain means of defeat in order to guarantee the destruction of the Crimean bridge, it will be done immediately, on the next day. The best option is ATACMS. Ten ATACMS will disable the Crimean Bridge. Each warhead is 225 kilograms, 10 ATACMS will destroy it and no one will be able to restore it anymore," Svitan said.

He added that the accuracy of the ATACMS is about the same as that of the M31 [missiles for HIMARS - ed.].

"We saw the Antonov bridge being hit. It was like a perforation. But the M31 has only 90 kilograms of explosives. And yet, the Antoniv bridge is an old Soviet structure, it could withstand a nuclear attack, it can't be destroyed so easily. And the Crimean bridge is built according to anti-seismic technologies, that is, it can be demolished even by an explosive wave.

We saw how the Crimean bridge "flew up" after the first explosion. That is, not from a direct hit, but from an explosive wave, it was simply blown away by a wind. Therefore, a hit of ten ATACMS will disable it. If ATACMS is not given to us after entering the Azov coast, we have means of destruction for 150 kilometers, which is approximately the distance from the Azov coast to the Crimean bridge. We will destroy it with our own means of destruction," assured the reserve officer of the Armed Forces.

Svitan believes that the attack on Crimea can be carried out in two ways. If it is decided to carry out only one offensive action on the Azov coast, then after the exit to Melitopol, there will be an approach to Crimea from the Chongar side. If there will be enough strength and means, then the best exit to Crimea is Novaya Kakhovka.

As for the Russians digging trenches on the Crimean beaches, 30 meters from the water, the reserve officer said it is very difficult to analyze the actions and decision-making of people who have problems with causality.

"There is no need to dig trenches. Ukrainian troops will definitely not attack Crimea from the sea. It doesn't make any sense. Crimea will be liberated by high-precision weapon strikes on about 150-170 Crimean military facilities.

They are stationary, no one is going to transfer them anywhere. We now have such weapons up to 150 kilometers. We have GLSDB. It hasn't been used much yet, but it will be used in Crimea, that's for sure. ATACMS has already been discussed. Military facilities will be destroyed, the Crimean bridge will be destroyed. And the entire Crimean military garrison will remain", he summurised.