Dzheppar calls on NATO Parliamentary Assembly to promote de-occupation of Crimea

Ukrainian News
Canan Kevser
27 October 2021, 17:14
Canan Kevser
27 October 2021, 17:14

First Deputy Foreign Minister of Ukraine Emine Dzheppar called on the Ukraine–NATO Interparliamentary Council (UNIC) to promote the de-occupation of Crimea.

This was reported by the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry in a statement on the UNIC meeting held in Odesa on October 26-27. The meeting was co-chaired by Oleksandr Korniyenko, First Deputy Speaker of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, and Attila Mesterházy, Vice-President of the NATO Parliamentary Assembly.

Also, delegations from the United Kingdom, Greece, Spain, Latvia, Lithuania, Norway, Poland, Portugal, and Turkey attended the UNIC event.

The participants discussed the current situation in the temporarily occupied Crimea separately during the meeting.

Dzheppar emphasized that the de-occupation of the peninsula and its reintegration remained one of the main tasks of Ukraine. Thus, she added, Ukraine created the Crimea Platform aimed at protecting the norms and principles of international law.

"The inaugural summit of the Crimea Platform on August 23 in Kyiv demonstrated the strength of Ukraine's partnership with NATO, EU, and G7 member states in countering further attempts by Russia to undermine the world order," the first deputy minister said.

She thanked the participants for setting up a support group for the Crimea Platform in the NATO Parliamentary Assembly.

"It is crucial that the parliaments of NATO member states put on the agenda of discussions and meetings of the Parliamentary Assembly specific proposals to counter Russian aggression against Ukraine, protect human rights in the temporarily occupied territories, and reflect these issues in working and final documents approved by NATO PA," Dzheppar said.

The First Deputy Foreign Minister noted that the first year following the summit is critical for the practical development of the Crimea Platform.

As reported, the next major international ministerial event within the Crimea Platform – the Black Sea Security Conference, will be held in Kyiv on February 25-26, 2022. It will focus on the impact of security in the wider Black Sea region on Euro-Atlantic and global security, militarization of Crimea, and hybrid war tools.