HIMARS allows the Armed Forces to attack most targets, including Crimea, - the Pentagon

Ukrainian News
05 October 2022, 20:25
05 October 2022, 20:25

The US-provided HIMARS rocket launchers and their ammunition allow the Ukrainian military to hit targets, in particular in Crimea. This was stated at a briefing by the US Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Russia, Ukraine, and Eurasia Laura Cooper, reports RBC-Ukraine. She reminded that Crimea is Ukrainian territory.

"According to our estimates, with the help of their existing GMLRS and HIMARS systems, the additional number of which we will provide in the new military assistance package, they can reach most targets on the battlefield. They can reach most goals, including in Crimea," Cooper said.

The Pentagon also noted that the United States considers it more expedient to transfer Soviet rather than Western tanks to Ukraine.

In addition, the US administration does not see the need to supply Ukraine with Lend-Lease weapons, Cooper said.

"We are grateful to the Congress for providing support to Ukraine by passing the draft law on lend-lease," said Cooper.

She clarified that for now, Washington is focused on the allocation of weapons by the president's powers. During the shipment of weapons to Ukraine directly from American warehouses, "compensation payments for damaged equipment" are not required.

According to her, last week the Deputy Secretary of Defense of the United States discussed with the representatives of the defense ministries of allied countries ways of supporting the military industry specifically in terms of helping Ukraine.

"What is Russia doing at this time? It asks North Korea for help. It addresses Iran. It doesn't have that depth of support," Cooper said.