The European Union expanded sanctions against Russia's ally

Ukrainian News
15 November 2022, 20:16
15 November 2022, 20:16

The Council of the EU adopted a resolution on strengthening sanctions against Iran in connection with violations of human rights and included in the sanctions list an additional 29 officials of this country, who were involved in the brutal suppression of demonstrations.

Information about this was made public by the press service of the European Council, reports Ukrinform.

It is reported that the list includes representatives of law enforcement agencies that were involved in the arrest of activist Mahsa Amini, heads of local law enforcement agencies, the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps, and representatives of the military leadership that led the suppression of protests in Iran.

The sanctions extend to the heads of Iran's state television, which disseminated the "confessions" of protesters, as well as the head of Iran's so-called cyber police, who was involved in the arrests of people for criticizing the Iranian regime online.

These measures include the freezing of financial assets and a ban on travel to EU countries.

In addition, EU citizens and organizations are prohibited from providing any financial resources to persons and institutions included in the sanctioned list.

It will be recalled that the death of human rights defender Mahsa Amini as a result of the actions of representatives of Iran's "morality police" led to mass protests for the protection of women's rights in Iran, which were brutally suppressed by the country's law enforcement agencies.

Iran itself is an ally of Russia, providing Moscow with drones and missiles for the war in Ukraine.