"Ukraine proposes to adopt a resolution condemning energy terror", Zelensky at the meeting of the UN Security Council, convened after the missile strikes of the Russian Federation

Ukrainian News
25 November 2022, 11:40
25 November 2022, 11:40

Ukraine is expecting a tough reaction from the world to today's Russian terror.

This was stated by President Volodymyr Zelensky at the meeting of the UN Security Council, convened after the missile strikes of the Russian Federation.

"We are waiting for the reaction of our partners. We are waiting for the reaction of friends - not just observers. We await the reaction of all those who truly recognize the UN Charter. We do everything possible. Ukraine presented a peace formula and the world has heard it", said Zelensky.

In response to the Ukrainian peace formula, Russia is following the points of its terror formula. He said that in the afternoon of November 23, a residential building was hit in the city of Vyshgorod, 35 people were injured, and four were killed.

"This is one of the main points of the Russian terror formula - missiles. In just one day today, almost 70 missiles were fired against our energy infrastructure. Unfortunately, a residential building was also hit. Hospitals, schools, transport, residential areas - everything has been affected", Zelensky emphasized.

Russian terror led to a blackout, and not only in Ukraine. The light also went out in neighboring Moldova. But the world should not lose the understanding of what exactly Russia wants to achieve with such strikes.

"Energy terror is an analogue of the use of weapons of mass destruction. When the temperature is below zero degrees outside, and tens of millions of people are left without electricity, heat and water as a result of Russian missiles hitting energy facilities, this is an obvious crime against humanity", the head of state emphasized.

Zelensky called to support the Ukrainian peace formula! And also addressed partners for support to protect the sky.

"We need modern and effective air defense and missile defense systems, and I thank everyone who is already helping. What can a representative of a terrorist state tell you now? That peaceful people do not suffer from their rockets? Everything is obvious. Everything is too obvious", Zelensky noted.

The president noted that Russia has long been trying to turn the UN Security Council into a platform for rhetoric. But the Security Council was created as the world's most powerful platform for decisions and actions. And it can be demonstrated.

"The Security Council must give a clear assessment of the actions of the terrorist state in accordance with Chapter 7 of the UN Charter. Ukraine proposes that the Security Council adopt such a resolution condemning any form of energy terror. Let's see if anyone in the world will be able to say, agreeing with Russia, that terror against civilians is supposedly good", said the President.