"We are losing this monument," former director of the Bakhchysarai Historical and Cultural Reserve Elmira Ablialimova

Ukrainian News
13 January 2023, 09:43
13 January 2023, 09:43

The "repair and restoration" carried out by the Russian invaders in the Bakhchisarai Khan's Palace led to irreversible changes.

Elmira Ablialimova, former director of the Bakhchisarai Historical and Cultural Reserve, told about this in an interview with Ukrinform.

"The latest information we received indicates that there are irreversible changes, we are losing this monument. Since 2017, the so-called "repair and restoration" have been carried out on the objects of the complex, and there are about 20 of them. Occupiers conduct them even where there is no need for it. As an example Dilâra-Bikeç Dürbesi [tomb near the Southern Gate of the Bakhchisarai Khan's Palace - ed.]," Ablialimova noted.

According to her, work has recently been carried out in the main building of the palace, where the Golden Cabinet or Fruit Room of Qırım Gerai Khan has been preserved on the second floor.

"Since the 2000s, it has not been opened to visitors due to its state of disrepair. The walls of the second floor of the main building seemed to be opening up and required certain restoration solutions. The first thing the occupiers did was to gird the second floor with metal brackets, while not protecting the paintings. Then a huge frame was installed above the main body. And the last chord - the roof of the Golden Cabinet was demolished this winter. Whereas at this time of the year, when there is a lot of rain, no work can be done at all," Ablialimova emphasized.

The ex-director of the Reserve said that work had begun in the harem building of the palace.

"In the middle of winter, they broke the door in the wall of the harem, the hole is kept open," she said.

In addition, so-called archaeological research is being conducted in the Persian Courtyard.

"They are managed by a person without a professional education and no experience in archeology, who held the position of a laboratory assistant and worked on the site of the reserve," Ablialimova said.