Zelensky: Turkey, Egypt, Bangladesh, and China are waiting for Ukrainian grain, which is blocked by the Russian Federation

Ukrainian News
01 June 2023, 14:48
01 June 2023, 14:48

Security in the Black Sea and the effectiveness of international maritime law are globally important security factors.

President Volodymyr Zelensky stated this in the video message.

The head of state held an external meeting of the Stavka. In particular, special attention was paid to the grain corridor and security in the Black Sea.

"The world knows the fundamental role our seaborne grain exports play in food security. And in general, security in the Black Sea and the effectiveness of the norms of international law regarding navigation are globally important security factors. All maritime countries of the world can see what may threaten their ports and water areas if Russia gets away with blocking navigation in the Black Sea," Zelensky emphasized.

The President gave only one example. According to him, currently, one of the three ports that were agreed within the framework of the Black Sea Grain Initiative, which is the "Pivdenny" ["Southern"] port is actually blocked.

"More than one and a half million tons of agricultural products have been accumulated in the "Pivdenny" port. And this grain is expected by at least ten countries of the world, including Turkey, Egypt, Bangladesh, and China. It is obvious: that less food is supplied to these countries, to these regions, then food prices rise there, and people in these countries lose more from their family budgets," said the head of state.

That is, the blockade of just one Ukrainian port creates extremely serious risks for various countries. And in particular for those with whom Russia is still trying to speculate.

"And I thank everyone in the world who helps us increase the security space in the Black Sea, who pressures Russia to unblock the supply of food," added Zelensky.

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