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12:29, 22 September, 2023
06 March 2020, 17:55

Hitler's Dream: Putin's New Constitution

Namık Kemal BayarAttorney at Law. General Secretary of World Congress of Crimean Tatars and Deputy of General Chairman of Crimean Association (Turkey, Ankara).

The draft of the new constitution, prepared in accordance with the instructions of the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin at the end of last year, will hold a referendum on public after the approval of the Constitutional Court and then the Russian Duma. The result of the referendum planned to be held on April 22, 2020, is already clear today, based on the examples of the "unique" Russian democracy in the past.

Regarding the draft constitutional amendment, the content and scope of which are more or less obvious, objections have started to come up within the Russian Federation, although weak oppositions with a faint voice. It is
worthwhile to share a few notes on the draft within the framework of the information we can obtain, including a few interesting changes that have been propagated by the makeover of anti-corruption went away in the federation.

For us, the proposal of new bylaws amended by the non-Russian peoples mostly are Turkish and Muslim peoples, who are citizens of the Federation, are as follows:

“In the territory of the Russian Federation, the language of the state-constituting people is the Russian state language. The Russian people are a state-founding people, as well as the incorporating in multi-national alliance of the peoples within the common law of the Russian Federation.”

With the law enacted in August 2018, the imperative of non-Russian peoples living in the Russian Federation was abolished in contradiction with the current Constitution. This was the death warrant of non-Russian peoples within the territory of the federation. Unfortunately, this death warrant, which has not attracted much attention and reaction from anyone except a few intellectuals and activists who have grasped the seriousness of the issue, will now complete its judgment with this constitutional amendment and the last nail in the coffin of the non-Russian peoples. With the first sentence of the draft amendment, Russian becomes the constitutional rule as the only state language, and thus, the languages ​​of other peoples who are already known as the "federative republic" or "national autonomy" and are not going to be constituted as the official language and state language. In the continuation of this change, it is absolute that laws, decisions and practices that will ensure that these peoples are assimilated and completely destroyed.

In addition, the text of the article has another dangerous and disastrous approach. The phrase "state-building people" in the text clearly and clearly underlines the superiority of the Russian people to other peoples as state-building people. This means “the equality of the peoples”, which is accepted as a principle in the establishment of both the Soviet Union and the Russian Federation, as a principle, and the abandonment of the principle and acceptance of all peoples living in the territory of the country as the “founding element” of the Soviet Union or the Russian Federation. The phrase “Russian is the state language, which is the language of the founding people” is proof of the accuracy of this determination. Because the Russian people are both defined as the state founding people and they are declared as the Russian state language and this results in the Russian people becoming superior to others.

The second sentence of this article of the draft amendment reveals the issue more clearly. According to this sentence, the Russian people are included in the multi-national alliance formed by other peoples as state founding people. Although Russians are included in the common law of other peoples, they become superior and sovereign administrators of this alliance, since their language is a state language. It seems that in the near future, the laws and decisions that support our determination and that will ensure that the Russians are superior people and that other peoples are under their rule will come after this change.

"Youth Organization" of Putin's Party Edina Rossiya is holding a "Victory Day" march in Moscow exactly like NAZI-SA groups

When we look at the draft amendment in terms of universal law, we can easily say that this article of the new Russian constitution is clearly racist and discriminatory. With this constitutional draft, Russia transforms Nazism, racist and discriminatory practices that it is proud to destroy ironically in World War II, with this constitutional draft. As a matter of fact, while Hitler could not include such open racist provisions in the German constitution of the time, the days we will see with the acceptance of this constitution are close by the acceptance of this constitution in Russia.

With this constitutional amendment, it is inevitable that the rights and freedoms of the non-Russian peoples, mostly of Turks and Muslims, who lived in the Russian Federation, went down to the previous Russian Tsarist period, namely to zero point or even below it. There is no need to be a prophet to predict that the practices that the Kremlin administration initiated only before the constitutional amendment on the language will be initiated for national and cultural identity, religion and other elements that make the nation. There is no doubt that laws such as the Yaroslava Law, which are still in force and contain many restrictions on religious rituals, will be enforced quickly by the superior (!) State-building people, the Russians. As Putin and the Patriarch of Moscow Church Krill have repeatedly stated, Russia will have prepared its constitutional ground with the acceptance of this change so that everyone living in Russia will dissolve in the Russian world.

Another striking article of the Constitutional amendment proposal is as follows: “The laws of Russia are superior to the international legal norms.” This regulation is the clear abolition of the universal legal order created after World War II. The apparent purpose of the regulation is to ensure that international courts on human rights and other matters do not enforce decisions against Russia. With the entry into force of the article, Russia will simply throw away all international norms of law that can come to your mind from the United Nations Charter to the European Security and Cooperation Treaty, from the Universal Declaration of Human Rights to the European Convention on Human Rights. In fact, Russia, which has made a similar arrangement before, will also ignite the wick of a bomb that will shake the current world order, principles and norms with this constitutional article.

Let's consider the destiny of the Commonwealth of Independent Treaties, Sochi and Astana Agreements, Minsk Treaty, Helsinki Final Treaty, Nuclear Weapons Reduction Treaties…

Two more constitutional changes that should be considered together with this article, but which are considered sympathetic as a result of Russian disinformation, draw attention. The first of these is the “restriction of those who have the right to reside in the foreign country and those who have dual citizenship to take high positions” and “the prohibition of high-duty individuals to have outside bank accounts or to engage in other activities”. These two-sentence arrangements, which have been made up on the grounds of preventing the fight against corruption, which has become a common cancer in the country, have the quality of painting of the eyes of the Russian people and other federation peoples. However, when you think about it a little, it is a clear manifestation of Putin's desire to make Russia a closed society to the world. These two regulations eliminating the freedom of residence, living, travelling and working of the citizens of the Federation prepare the necessary environment for Russia to become a second North Korea and open this door to the Kremlin administrators. Considering the draft item in the upper paragraph, the most fundamental human rights for all citizens of the Russian Federation are eliminated by the constitution and makes Russia a closed, totalitarian and literally repressive regime open and unambiguous.

Two other regulations that will make many readers smile become a constitutional provision with this draft. The first is the sentence “It is not allowed to minimize the heroism of the People in the Great War of Homeland” and the second is the sentence “Russian Federation is the heir of The Union of the Soviet Socialist Republics”. Some may naively say, "whatever there is, the men claim their history with the constitutional rule". Indeed, there may be words that a political leader or bureaucrat or a diplomat will make in this way and it is quite natural. Moreover, the Russian Federation has already officially declared that it is the heir of the USSR. In fact, Crimean Tatars, Caucasian peoples, Lithuanians and divine peoples can demand from Russia to compensate for the exile and massacre in history, and they have a legal right to do so. However, the fact that this has become a constitutional provision makes the issue remarkable.

At this point, it is necessary to look at another side of the coin. Every heir is entitled to the entire existence of the inheritance. In other words, the debts and receivables are transferred to the heir totally within all assets. No state that left the Soviet Union saw itself as an inheritor of the USSR and did not accept it. The Russian Federation, on the other hand, separates from those states and declares itself as the heir of the USSR, making this succession a constitutional provision.

“The heroism of the Russians in the Great Homeland War, that is, the World War II, carried the borders of the Soviet Union to the interiors of Germany. Now, with the new constitution, a prohibition is imposed that this heroism, that is, the limits of the borders cannot be allowed to minimize. The Russian state, then, is obliged to comply with this ban and regain the borders reached through heroism in the Great Homeland War. Otherwise, it means that the heroism of the people is clearly reduced. ” The other side of the coin is getting more interesting, isn't it?

Let's file this side of the coin a little more now. When these two constitutional arrangements are examined together, the independence, sovereignty and territorial integrity of all the independent states leaving the Soviet Union in 1991 are directly threatened by the Russian Federation. Even the Soviet satellite states get their share from the threat with these two regulations. Because these states are located on the territory of the USSR, where the achievements gained through the heroism of the people in the Great Homeland War or the heir of Russia. And the new Russian Constitution orders them to be downsized and to claim rights over their territory. Russia is preparing the constitutional basis for any military and political occupation operations against these states in the future. And international legal norms are in this case against Russian law, moreover, can not be against the Russian constitution.

We got the new Russian constitution articles we mentioned about from a news content on the website of the Circassian Federation. There are other arrangements, and maybe there are more things we can't reach.

It seems that Putin is determined to make his country, which has millions of square kilometers of land, a dungeon, by including the regulations that even Hitler cannot dream of. With this constitution, human rights are not even suspended in Russia, they are completely destroyed. Russia is turned into a racist, totalitarian state based on the superiority of the Russian race. Moreover, the constitutional bases of Russian imperialism are being formed and Russian expansionism is made a constitutional order. Putin, which we identify with Stalin, makes it clear that he contains the character traits of Mussolini and Hitler as well as Stalin.

As soon as this constitutional amendment comes into force, it is necessary to realize what the world is facing, especially the non-Russian peoples of the Russian Federation, then the Russian peoples, and then the neighbouring states of Russia.

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